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Creating custom teams
ICZM projects can exceed the resources of permanent staff.
Those undertaking ICZM must be aware of the wide spectrum of operational and support activities required for planning, implementation and support. Success depends on team strength demonstrated not only in overall breadth of appropriate skills but also in depth of specialization of individual team members.
Coral Seas understands the wide-ranging operational and support activities that specialists provide and matches these with the specific requirements of the organizations with which we work.
The expertise available to Coral Seas is large and diverse based on over 25 years of global networking in ICZM.
Coral Seas routinely assembles teams of experts drawn from our professional affiliations around the world with the objective of getting the skills of the most qualified specialists for each project. This ensures that Coral Seas always has the best possible individual for the job at hand and can bring to each project a comprehensive experience set.
Coral Seas' competitive edge will provide your organization with optimal team effort and finely tuned results on tight schedules.
Partnering on projects
Coral Seas also welcomes the opportunity to partner with other consulting companies, NGO's and individual marine scientists and coastal managers to bid on selected projects.
If you're interested in collaborating with Coral Seas, please contact us
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